My view from 2 till 9 today

Working on a series of short comics about hunting.

This newcomer to wizardry quickly finds out not everyone is a fan of magic.

Up for sale now on Newspaper Club!

£5 for the first issue

I don’t know where to start documenting my last couple of months, so here’s some pictures from setting up the degree show, with issue one of Everything For Breakfast, which i’ll dedicate a post to, when i have some fancy shots of my Newspaper Club versions of it.

D&AD New Blood awaits now!


Made these this week for a little show by the train station. Happy with the results fo sho! You can’t beat a good woodcut

Last Panel of the first issue of my first comic. Exciting stuff. lots of material to play with on this for the future. and lots to learn and advance with.

3 days left until my final FINAL uni hand in. I’ll be glad to be gone.


First go at the first page of my first comic!

I decided it’s going to be printed big. something around A3. Because it scares me a little thinking about it being printed large.

More characters

Grad Project work has me nailed to the laptop and will until the deadline in May.

Zoashang & Hao character poses.

Coming up to the end of a 4 year course, and a series of tunnel dwelling assholes is the result. I am completely happy with that.