First go at the first page of my first comic!

I decided it’s going to be printed big. something around A3. Because it scares me a little thinking about it being printed large.

More characters

Grad Project work has me nailed to the laptop and will until the deadline in May.

Zoashang & Hao character poses.

Coming up to the end of a 4 year course, and a series of tunnel dwelling assholes is the result. I am completely happy with that.

Burger Biking. Burgking. Bike-ger?
Prints of this should be coming soon.


Doodling while trying to think up kids story ideas while listening to Bonobo’s Late Night Tales

not sure what kind of move that is on the right but I’m trying it on my next night out.

Repeat pattern piece from around the same time as the last post.

Peace x

A Biro drawing I did sometime last year. I really enjoy this stuff, need to get more done! (aka: commissions accepted)

City life + original photo i took a while back.I think i’m getting somewhere with this new look. I’ll have to try and mix it with some of those forest drawings from last year. I’m sure they can mix if I do it rightx

Battle royale with cheeeeeese!